Ticker Tape Parade

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Designed by Michelle Hiatt / Sew on the Go

Finished Quilt Size: Throw 60 x 60 inches

2 1/2" Strip/Jelly Roll Quilt

Ticker Tape Parade was inspired by parades held in New York City, where large amounts of shredded paper (originally actual ticker tape, but now mostly confetti) were thrown from nearby office buildings onto the parade route, creating a celebratory effect by the snowstorm-like flurry which is evident in the quilt center.

The Diamond Rects border represents the barriers that can be found along the streets to keep the crowds back. The Piano Keys represent the buildings flanking the streets, colloquially called the Canyon of Heroes.

The pattern was specifically designed to leverage a Jelly Roll [(40) 2.5 inch WOF Strips], which is why there is only one size. However, this quilt is extremely fun to make and will truly use the entire Jelly Roll. While many Jelly Roll quilts are just strips, this design has a lot of interest. Have fun with it!

Required tools (sold separately): Studio 180 Design's Wedge Star, Tucker Trimmer I, and Diamond Rects.

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