Class: Ocean / Autumn View

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Exclusively HERE at Quilter's Obsession
Designed by Deborah Kalenty
(Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor)

Please note:  the pattern and class are the same w you are using Ocean or Autumn fabrics.

The class is PACKED with tons of information! Learn how to make all these basic units the RIGHT way--perfect every time!

A great place to start (or perfect) your skills using Studio 180 Design tools.
Learn all the skills you need to make one of THREE quilts (3 layout options)
NOTE: Click on photos to enlarge!

Learn how to use these tools and make these basic quilting shapes:

Tucker Trimmer: Half Square Triangle, Quarter Square Triangle (aka Hourglass), Combination Units (both Mirrored and Non-Mirrored) and Shaded Four Patch units.

Wing Clipper: Learn how to make FOUR Flying Geese at one time --perfectly; also 'specific placement' flying geese.

Square Squared: Square in a Square units.

V-Block - Make V-Block (aka Peaky and Spike units) and Hi-Low units

Split Rect: Split Rectangle units--never paper piece these again!

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(Important note: You cannot purchase this class here;  you MUST follow the above link and register/pay on the Teachable platform).

Please purchase pattern, tools and/or kit /block of the month here on our website.

Studio 180 Design tools required (sold separately):
Tucker Trimmer 1, Wing Clipper 1, V-Block, Square Squared (original size) and Split Rect**

**Split Rect tool is only needed for Split Rect Crown layout option .

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