Perfect Scissors Karen Kay Buckley 6 inch Medium Blue


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The medium micro-serrated Perfect Scissors from Karen Kay Buckley are a great size for portable sewing projects and so much more.

• The medium size is wonderful for cutting appliqué shapes, crafts, and more.
• Micro-serrated blade keeps the fabric from slipping ensuring a smooth accurate cut every time. Also cuts down on fraying.
• Comfort handles are designed for both right and left hand cutting.
• Scissors cut sharp to the points.
• Easily cut through a single layer at a time, or several of them at once.
• Keep scissors closed when not in use.
• Store in a safe place out of reach of children with the protective cover in place.
• Oil blades periodically and wipe with a soft cloth to prolong the life of your scissors.
• Adjustable screw for modifying tension of the blades when needed.

  • Color: Blue Handle with Black Micro-Serrated Blade
  • Made of: Plastic and Japanese High Carbon Steel
  • Use: Scissors
  • Overall Length: 5-15/16in
  • Blade Length: 2”
  • Included: One Pair of Scissors and a Protective Blade Cover

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