Memories to a T (T-shirt)


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Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs "WATCH VIDEO" On some T-shirts the 10" square template won't always get all of the logo or printed piece that you are cutting out, but no worries. The person the quilt is for will know exactly where that T-shirt came from. I try to focus on the most important part of the screened print, e.g. Date, country, state, town, year. Memories to a "T" Pattern includes 10" template, Perfect Size T-shirt Quilt Finished 82"x 50" will need 22 T-shirts and 2 1/2 yards of #821 On Point Fusible Grid. Mini-Me Size T-shirt Quilt Finished 49"x50" will need 12 T-shirts and 1 2/3 yards of #821 On Point Fusible Grid.

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