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PLEASE READ about our longarm quilting services:

Debbie Kalenty (owner of Quilters Obsession), is a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor;   also a longarmer with an Innova computerized machine.   All longarming is done by computerized digital patterns.   We offer edge-to-edge quilting at this time (no custom work).

Longarming Process: 

“Longarm Quilting”:   Creating the ‘quilt sandwich’ which includes the quilt top, batting, and backing, then sewing through all three layers with an industrial sewing machine.  The stitching from this process is usually an elaborate design adding beauty and dimension to your patchwork quilt. 

Send us three separate pieces: top, batting, and backing (do not pin or baste layers together). 

We also sell batting 70/30 blend—which adds beautiful texture and nice drape.   

Please send a quick photo of your quilt (see why below)

Services that we provide: 

  1. After receiving a photo and a general description of the quilting you prefer, we recommend several pantograph/edge-to-edge design patterns that best suit your wishes.
  2. YOU make the final decision as to which design you would like. 
  3. Thread charge is included in your long arming fees.
  4. We will quilt your quilt and bind it (if this is requested). 

Longarming Fees:

Our fee is calculated on quilt size and density of quilting design / calculated by square inch:

Easy / open / large designs:   $.028 cents per square inch.   

Medium size/density designs: .030 cents per square inch.   (MOST quilts require medium density)

Complicated / smaller / dense designs:   $.032 cents per square inch.

Calculation example:

Throw size quilt that measures 60 x 80 inches:

60 x 80 =  4,800 square inches

Easy / open design / large  =  4,800 x $.028 = $134.40

Binding Fees (if desired/sold separately):

Please provide fabric and will make your binding:  

Making continuous binding strips:   $15 (baby & throw) - $25 (queen & king)

You may provide your own continuous binding and omit this fee.

If making your binding, please cut at 2-1/2 inches.

Charged per linear inch.  Example: 60 x 80 quilt:   60 + 60 + 80 + 80 = 280 inches

Binding completed BY MACHINE:  

We will machine stitch your binding to the back of your quilt, then flip to the front and machine stitch (either straight stitch or zig-zag)- Stitching is visible:  $.20 cents per inch  

Binding completed BY HAND:  

We will machine stitch your binding to the front of your quilt, then flip to back and HAND stitch- Stitching is invisible:  $.40 cents per inch  

Other fees:

Batting 70 / 30 blend per yard: 

  60 inches wide:  $10.95 per yard

  93 inches wide: $14.95 per yard

120 inches wide:  $18.95 per yard

Sewing of backing seams:  Ranges / one seam: $15 for baby - $25 for king size.  Multiple seams are additional.

Repairing quilt (finishing open seams;  pressing unpressed seams all over;  correcting wavy borders):  $25 per hour.

Trimming quilt after quilting:  $10  

If YOU are binding your quilt but would like us to trim it for you.   We trim off excess batting and backing. (This fee is included if we bind your quilt for you). 

Purchasing additional digital patterns:  We have many digital patterns to choose from—there is NO charge when using these designs.  

However, if you would like us to purchase a specific digital pattern, you would be responsible for half the purchase price from an outside source.  We keep the digital pattern.

Turnaround time: 

This varies depending on how busy our schedule is.  However, we strive to turn it around within 2 weeks of delivery.  We will give you an estimated time when you drop off /mail your quilt.

Please ask if you have ANY questions regarding preparing your quilt or backing, selecting a pattern, or any part of the long arming process.  We are always happy to help and work hard to EARN your business.

Debbie Kalenty  (908) 369-4450   

email:  Sales@QuiltersObsession.com         Website:  www.QuiltersObsession.com

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