Huntington Square


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Designed by Michelle Renee Hiatt of Sew On The Go.

Inspired by her own town's Square, a Green. When looking at this quilt's layout, think of your favorite town's Green; all the different garden settings, little paths that take you to quiet spots here and there,

while other paths meander around the Green. This quilt combines a fun Pinwheel Block with Flying Geese Sashing, and Square-in-Square Cornerstones. Plus, a fabulous fun pieced border that delicately

transitions the Quilt Center to the border. For a more modern quilt setting, consider leaving off the final traditional Border. Tons of fun and a great way to use a Layer Cake. Alternatively, Michelle also provides cutting i for using (40) Fat Eighths. You could even use scraps! In any case, this is a quick, fun quilt, and it's sure to bring much delight to all.

Required tool (sold separately):

Studio 180 Design's Tucker Trimmer 1, Wing Clipper, and Square Squared tools.

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