Kit - Inner Reflections 96 Inch - Cream

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Featuring the "Color Personality" Collection by the Material Girlfriends

YOU ARE ORDERING CREAM BACKGROUND (sorry we have not received a photo of 96 inch in cream from designer).

Approximate finished size: 96.5 x 96.5 inches.
Kit includes pattern book, and all fabric for quilt top (including binding).
Backing fabric sold separately, you need 9 yards.

What is a personality, and do I have one?
Personality types and combinations are as varied as the rainbow. For many people, the greatest mystery is understanding their own personality. By knowing ourselves, and embracing who we are, we can then challenge our inner quilting artist to grow in an explosion of colors and textures. It was through this self-discovery adventure that the Color Personality line was developed.

Not a single person in this world was created the same. We are all a wonderful mixture of different temperaments and personalities. The Inner Reflections Block of the Month program was created using the bright and beautiful Color Personality fabric line.

You will learn about the four personality types using The Referral Institutes Behavioral Styles model. Quilters will be able to identify their own strongest personality traits as well as identify the temperaments of their quilting friends!
It is a fun, light-hearted quilting journey designed to encourage, inspire, and foster self-discovery.

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